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American Contractors Corp. started as an acoustical ceiling company, but it has since expanded its services to acoustical wall panels and custom architectural wood- and metalwork. Clients can package difficult trades with one contractor—finishes are handled by one of our project teams from start to finish. American Contractors Corp. is an industry-leader in acoustical ceilings and wall panels, custom architectural wood work and metal work, Novawall Installation, and Laqfoil Installation. 

Acoustical Ceilings & Wall Panels

Enhance your space with premium acoustical ceilings and wall panels, combining aesthetics and superior sound control for optimal comfort.

Custom Architectural Wood & Metal

Transform your space with bespoke architectural wood and metal creations, meticulously crafted to elevate aesthetics and functionality.

Novawall Installation

American Contractors Corp. is proud to be the exclusive partner of Novawall products for the New England region.

Laqfoil Installation

Transform your space with seamless, stunning stretch ceiling installations. Elevate elegance and style with Laqfoil.

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