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Novawall Installation

American Contractors Corp. is proud to be the exclusive partner of Novawall products for the New England region.

Novawall Installation

Novawall is the time-tested standard for exquisite fabric wall and ceiling applications in almost any environment. Our patented site-fabricated system molds and adapts to your ideas insuring a meticulous finish. We stand behind our products with the longest warranty in our industry (see specifications at for details), trained and certified installers, and an international network of distributors. As the industry leader in accurate fire testing, our advocacy has influenced safer fire code standards. We were an early supporter of green building and the first in our field to market sustainable products. With our extensive environmental experience, we can help you accurately calculate LEED credits. Bring life to uninspired walls with Novawall’s broad palette of track styles and virtually infinite combinations of fabrics, colors, patterns, textures, custom graphics, acoustic and tackable cores.



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