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LAQFOIL Installation

LAQFOIL Stretch Ceiling is an innovative ceiling and wall surface that gives you massive freedom in design with minimal installation and upkeep hassle. The system is composed of a PVC or Descor (canvas-like) membrane that stretches and clips to an aluminum perimeter track, meaning it can be installed without removing existing furniture and used to hide existing popcorn ceilings and wires.

LAQFOIL PVC (Polyurethane Polyvinyl Chloride Cadmine Free) membrane is about as thin and lightweight as a building material can be. The thickness is 0.12-0.14 mm, and one square meter of membrane typically weighs about 170-180 translucent, and perforated acoustic. We carry over 280 colors of PVC membrane.

Areas with low or uneven ceilings are difficult to renovate since it limits not just initial visual perception, but design ideas as well. LAQFOIL Ceiling Surface designs accommodate your existing light fixtures, minimizing installation hassle and allowing you to keep your existing style. Stretch ceilings can take on a number of different textures such as matte, satin, metallic, or gloss – the latter heightens and brightens the space considerably.

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