Logan International Airport, Terminal C

Logan International Airport, Terminal CMassachusetts Port Authority not only needed renovations made to Logan International Airport, Terminal C, but also a secure, cross-terminal walkway that would allow United and JetBlue passengers to pass between all the terminal’s gates without having to go through separate security screenings.

Logan International Airport, Terminal CRizvi Architects designed a plan which consolidated the two existing TSA Security checkpoints (located in the aircraft piers) into a single checkpoint, and created a post security connection between Piers B and C.  The plans also called for the replacement of the ceilings and HVAC system for the main ticketing hall.

American Contractors Corp. was selected as the subcontractor to fabricate all the custom metal work within Terminal C as well as to install the custom curved perforated metal ceiling panels and wall system.  We engineered the following:

  • Elliptical stainless steel column enclosures
  • 200 linear feet custom stainless steel bench with walnut seats
  • Solid surface bathroom vanities
  • Custom stainless steel wall panels
  • Aluminum security panels
  • Custom millwork
  • Plastic laminate casework

In addition, we installed Gordon custom metal ceilings and LightBlocks custom wall panels.

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