BARRISOL Design Solutions

During the last 50 years, Barrisol® has developed many systems of stretch ceilings to create the BARRISOL UNIVERSE.  The Barrisol products are functional, design and innovative solutions that embellish and decorate all types of public, private, civic and mixed use developments. 

American Contractors is the exclusive New England installer of Barrisol stretch ceilings & wall systems.

A Barrisol ceiling is a non-flammable sheet of PVC which is tightened by the use of heat on the periphery of the walls.

In 1967, Barrisol® began manufacturing stretch ceilings in France and 50 years later offers a complete line of products for design professionals including architects, decorators & interior designers, and creative homeowners. 

Since the creation of the company more than 80 patents have been awarded to Barrisol® and today we offer over 15 unique systems.










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